Worldwide Shipping from D Robinson & Company


Supplying quality used clothing and shoes to the world.

Textile Recycling

Textile Recycling....

All goods are despatched from our large warehouse and storage area. In here the Clothing Exporters orders are assembled and loaded into sea containers where they are shipped direct to their final destination. There are different grades and qualities of Textiles, clothing, shoes and handbags that are suitable for the very varied markets and weather conditions across the world.

We have a fully covered loading area where our clothing Imports and Exports are handled. This ensures that our recycled textiles, clothing, shoes and handbags are not exposed to the elements and so arrive at their destination dry and in good condition.

Larger bales of wipers cloth, wools and synthetics are bound and shipped to various industries in the UK for processing to various applications


We work closely with many local and national charities including The Fire Fighters Charity.

Robinsons Resource

Support a school, church or organisaton of your choice by recycling unwanted clothing.