Our Process


With over 40 years experience in sorting and grading textile materials we have developed a process which is unique to us and allows us to process over 120 tonnes of raw material per week.

The D Robinson Textile Recyclers Process....

The process starts with the supply of recycled textiles, clothing, shoes and handbags which are collected from various charity shops, textile banks and recycling centres by our own fleet of lorries, vans and trailers.

When the vehicles arrive at our factory the recycling starts, all bags are opened and loaded onto our conveyor belt system. From the conveyor belt our experienced graders separate the items into their respective grades.

Once all of the items have been separated, the process of fine grading starts. Our graders inspect each item and place into different categories before they are placed into tubs and weighed. The tubs, which are now full of clothing, are then fed into our 3 twin African bailers and compressed into 45kg or 55kg bales.

Certain markets require products in even larger bales. These goods are fed by automatic feeder from large metal cages into our double swivel box bailer. This has the capacity to handle bales starting at anything from 300kg up to 500kg bales.

Once bailing is complete the finished bales are taken into the shipping area for loading into sea containers. These containers are then despatched to all corners of the globe.


We work closely with many local and national charities including The Fire Fighters Charity.

Robinsons Resource

Support a school, church or organisaton of your choice by recycling unwanted clothing.